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ANDREW FIGUEROA, Everlasting Sounds

Comfortable. That is how you should feel on your wedding day and Everlasting Sounds is here to make that a reality. We will work with your wedding coordinator or venue to ensure all of the formalities are handled without you having to worry. Our DJs are professional and courteous wedding DJs and will help your special day be filled with bliss. 


How do you succeed and prosper with your Service?

Being family owned and local has been a big key for us. Our clients like that they get to meet us and build a relationship with us.


How do you run a thriving operation?

Hard work, determination, and A LOT of hours doing emails, calls, driving to venues.


How do you market and sell your services?

Social media, word of mouth, venues.

Should a new company like yours price their services? 

Everyone starts somewhere with their prices, but they need to research and see what prices would hurt their market verses just undercutting all competition.

How much of your annual budget is dedicated to marketing and advertising?

Roughly $2000 max


In what ways are networking, blogging, and social marketing incorporated into your business?

These are crucial in our line of business as we post updates on wedding, pictures, and video clips of our services for anyone to see what exactly we offer.

 How do you integrate customer service into your Service?  

We take our customer services very seriously. We always call our brides, follow up with emails and music suggestions.


Do you have a Wedding or Event coming up?  Get in Touch with Andrew at Everlasting Sounds 

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