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Cathy Thomas, Xtreme Business Guide


"We help small business owners get, grow, and keep clients. The one thing our members have in common is that they all have like-minded top rated business solutions to help their clients and are lifelong learners who strive to be industry leaders. We proudly support our local businesses and look forward to each member taking their business to the next level... the XTREME." 

How do you succeed and prosper with your Service? 

I wake up every day on a mission to see how I can personally help local business owners

How do you run a thriving operation?

I love what I do, I just believe that you have to enjoy what you are doing otherwise what is the point. As business owners we should always be improving and learning. I just continue to learn something new every day then share it with my team or my clients.

How do you market and sell your services? 

We use a variety of online referral networking resources. We use social media, content management, and automation to market to potential members and encourage our members and visitors to refer local businesses they love.

How should a new company like yours price their services? 

We try to be fair. We don’t want to be the cheapest because we plan to be in a business for a long time. However we don’t need to overcharge either. Finding a competitive balance and providing value makes our membership bundles attractive and affordable.

  How much of your annual budget is dedicated to marketing and advertising? 

We spend $5.00 a day – yes that is it. We will spend more from time to time for a course or workshop – but we use our google, seo optimization, digital media resources, and social media to share and grow. We want specific referred members. We don’t to try to get random members. As our members grow we plan to invest $20 plus to help clients and visitors fined them online with us. Our visitors trust us so we want to make sure the research is done when we ask a member a join us.

In what ways are networking, blogging, and social marketing incorporated into your business? 

We do this every day – weekly marketing plans and content creation is important. Everyone has changed the way the buy so it’s important for us to keep up and share digital image solutions.

How do you integrate customer service into your Service? 

Customer service is key – If you are in the business to help people – it just must be done. We get it that our members are busy – so we try to help them in every way possible so that they can focus on the things keep their business running. Our support team helps as much as possible in anyway possible. 

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Our Xtreme Business Guide Members provide their INSIDER SECRETS in order to help other business owners gain inspiration and industry insight. Our members are TOP RATED and Referred Professionals in their industry. To learn more on how you can contribute Join Us - Visit Us at


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