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Kelly Andrews, A Simple Touch Day Spa & Salon

At Simple Touch Day Spa & Salon in Cedar Hill, TX, we understand the everyday stresses and pressures of life. Our goal is to help you leave those stresses behind. Our locally owned spa and salon takes pride in offering a wide array of beauty and pampering services that will help you relax with just a “simple touch”. We cherish our clients and appreciate you trusting us to make your day, or the day of someone special to you, a memorable one.

"Welcome to A Simple Touch Day Spa & Salon"



How do you succeed and prosper with your Service?

All staff have been working for over 20 years and have established clientele. The spa/salon has been around for 12 years with a good reputation. 

How do you run a thriving operation?

Great staff that works as a team/family even though everyone is an independent contractor.

How do you market and sell your services?

Facebook and word of mouth.

How should a new company like yours price their services?

Research your competition, and base it on experience.

How much of your annual budget is dedicated to marketing and advertising?

Very little.

In what ways are networking, blogging, and social marketing incorporated into your business?

Mainly doing social marketing.

How do you integrate customer service into your Service?

Our business is based off of customer service.

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