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We hear it all the time... that business owners like you know they should be posting and keeping pages active on social media channels.  

Let us help!  Professional, engaging social media presence.  Images, text, and hashtags for any topic.  Informative, funny, stats, facts, and engaging posts now available. It's time to Get SOCIAL

Industry Topics

Professional copy written to draw engagement, hashtags, brand your business with stats, shared articles, links to your website, phone number, and much more!

Show Your Clients Your an Industry Expert

Special Days Calendar

Special Events, Holidays, historical dates, fun posts like "joke day" and "taco day". Small Business owners that share what they enjoy can be more liked by potential clients!

Add Some Fun to Your Business Posts


We help with set up and social media posting for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. 24/7 access to get social training that helps you set up accounts and manage accounts.  Jump into any Xtreme SOCIAL program and let us help you with set up and management.  We use our Xtreme Online Training site to register our clients on all of our Xtreme Products.  Why?  Because want you to have access to all the resources you need during your time with us. Be sure to take the quick training course and follow the "to-do's" this well get us everything we need to get started!  All 5 Key elements work well together so we want to make sure you are getting the most information to help you get ONLINE, get LOCAL, get SOCIAL, get MOBILE, and get SALES. 

It's time to get social with us!



Select any option below based on the number of followers you currently have or how many posts per month.  You can upgrade or cancel at anytime.  Be sure to take the full course - there is information and a walk through with specific instructions for setting up your posting.  

Here is the process:
  • Select an option below
  • Sign-Up for the course
  • Follow Instructions in the course
  • Schedule Strategy Call for Kick Off!
  • Start Looking Like the Industry Expert You Are

Select an option below and Let's Get SOCIAL Today!


We create content - then post to the best social media networks that apply. This allows for more monthly posts during any given month. We discount for 6 months because this allows us to make semi-annual marketing plans for effective social media marketing results.

$76/month to month

$298 /6 months


20 social media content per month

(great for less than 2000 followers)

Social Media Marketing Plan

24/7 Access to ALL Get SOCIAL training courses & updates

GET SALES Marketing Plan

$136/month to month

$398 /6 months


40 social media content per month

(great for less than 5000 followers)

Social Media Marketing Plan

24/7 Access to ALL Get SOCIAL training courses & updates

GET SALES Marketing Plan

$256/month to month

$598 /6 months


80 social media content per month

(great for more than 5000+ followers)

Social Media Marketing Plan

24/7 Access to ALL Get SOCIAL training courses & updates

GET SALES Marketing Plan

*Xtreme SOCIAL 100 is available if you think your going to need ongoing posts over 100. We post on Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. Then make it easy for you so share to groups and to your personal page.  Review stats then purchase social media advertising on the posts that are performing great.  Xtreme Business Guide does not buy or sell advertising we only submit social media posts at this time.

Social Media Marketing

We post unique value added content custom to your business, industry, and objectives.  We use sharp images designed to catch the eye on social media along with professional copy and hashtags to draw attention and drive visitors to your social media page, website, and or landing pages, and blogs that you provide.

Getting Set Up

The set-up process is simple.  We will ask your some basic information we will need during the course and either create or get current social media information for set-up. Once set up we only need to be notified should you change or make any updates to the social media profiles we are posting on.  You'll get a checklist of questions of information we will need during the set up process and based on your social media marketing plan objectives.

Haven't You Waited Long Enough?

If you want to start with Xtreme SOCIAL 20 be sure to check out our programs & pricing options.

It's TIME to Get Started No reason not to start today!

All Member have instant access to jump into our EXCLUSIVE Members Group! You get in an invitation when you jump on any eliteGUIDE or Any Xtreme Business Guide Program.  Our Group is for small business owners to network and connect.  We are here to help inspire each other and help each other achieve excellence!

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